An ever-play movie,

road in the distance

following the creek

            wet or dry

            up or down


a stream of SUVs

at 60 spaced militarily

from So Cal

to Christian camps

above Eshom


                      remembering Loren

                      on an ox cart load

                      of carp to dry

                      for the summer


CalFire trucks

twice a day


cattle neighbors,


loads of hay


Badger locals

on shoulders parked

for first or last

cell phone service


sprinkled with tentative tourists

and strings of Harleys

roaring for or from

a burger at the Mountain House.


We believe we can read

everybody’s business

long distance.




2 responses to “IDLE SPECULATION

  1. At my ½ year above you, I find my mind more able to wander from here to way over there. Some are past and some I am but awaking to. Some matters, yet often not at all. After ¾ of a century of deep reverence for the wild, it came to realize that the wild will always be there, disinfecting, but we wont. Perhaps for a short time in a fading memory.

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  2. You forgot the era of gravel trucks? I know you haven’t yet.


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