Judges in California’s Third District Court of Appeal

                                    ruled in late May that the bumblebee can legally fall

                                    within the definition of a fish when it comes to the

                                    definition of endangered species. “Although the term

                                    fish is colloquially and commonly understood to refer

                                    to aquatic species, the term of art employed by the

                                    Legislature in the definition of fish in section 45 is not

                                    so limited,” the trio of judges wrote.

                                                – Western Livestock Journal, June 13, 2022


After work they like their G & Ts,

drawn to tonic and Tangueray,

slice of lime in an iced-down glass—

but some drink too much!




5 responses to “BUMBLEBEES

  1. Susan Merrill

    They need help just maybe not that way

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  2. I think the stroke from a few years back, must have taken control and no allowing to comprehend. Bird, my brain could maybe accept. Fish just does not compute. I’m heading to the ER to get a cranium adjustment.


  3. I have never seen a bumblebee “rise” to eat a trout. But, I have seen trout rise to eat a bumblebee. Confusion reigns.


  4. That must be the strangest thing I’ve read in a long time and hopefully will stay that way! Love the photo.


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