Everyone is happy, I exclaim—


half-inch rain after forty-five days without—

grass, trees, birds and animals revived,

the February air full of the future


as black cows and calves ascend

the green slopes across the canyon

reaching for the richer ridgetop feed


by evening. We raise a glass

to the generosity of all the native

gods and goddesses, to the crow pair


robbing nests and the bobcat trailing quail,

the ground re-energized—the vitality of life

spilling right before our eyes.


4 responses to “THREE WEEK REPRIEVE

  1. Whew……and the hint of more.

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  2. The filaree has been revived! Will it survive another three weeks without rain?

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  3. Good news indeed, John. We recently got a half-inch or so here in Arizona and although I can’t say everything turned green, it was certainly welcome.


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