A promise from forgotten days of rain,

bold whites and blues and greens

flush the flesh clean as a hawk’s cry


in spring.  When we were children

here, we walked within our dreams

of endless rivers crashing and cascading


from the Sierra snowpack into the Valley

ditches and furrows, row upon row

to fill the cornucopia of the world.


But we have pumped the ground dry.

Is this a harbinger of better times, or

have the gods returned to say goodbye?

5 responses to “RAINBOW

  1. Seems the gods may have seen enough.

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  2. “But we have pumped the ground dry” I think you’ve summed up a lot there.

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  3. Thanks for the link. There are so many similarities between parts of Australia and California. The biggest problem I see it that no one (or very few) is willing to cut back on what he has even if that means that some people will have nothing.

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