Partners for a long time

on this earth



hills and canyons,

wet or dry,

side by side.


Close enough to touch

one another

in a storm,


comfort and embrace

with solid roots

and sturdy limbs.



until our grand stay here

finally decomposes.

7 responses to “TWO OAKS

  1. Poignant, unrelenting, sad yet beautiful, the constructs of life itself.
    Wonderful offering, John!

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  2. Lovely. I have a photo that I took on Bill Dorrance’s ranch in 1996 of a huge oak…that tree is now sadly gone too…..

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  3. Friends to the end.


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  4. Terry and I watched ‘Fantastic Fungi’ last night (wonderful documentary). Your two sentinel oaks will be partners in decomposition, thanks to fantastic fungi. Be well, stay safe my friend.

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