Bulls to Water

Our country is dry and short.  We’ve pulled the bulls off the irrigated pasture to make room for our bred heifers due to begin calving by the middle of September.  We will have to feed the bulls in this pasture where Allie and Terri were driving a few to water last week.  Even though we’ve sold 25% of our cows, we continue to step up the amount of hay we’re feeding with no idea of when it will end or whether it will pay for itself in the long run.  But if we have to sell more cows, we just don’t want them to be thin.    

4 responses to “Bulls to Water

  1. Just so sorry you are having such a rough go. Up here in nV fire is growing just 10 miles down the road. No danger to me except horrible air quality. They predict no full containment until winter. Hang in there and be safe! Suz

    Susan Ditz 650-799-7074

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  2. About the only strategy with hope in it…


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