Light show late last night, mostly cloud to cloud I’m told because I was sleeping, except for one thunderbolt that touched down on the Paregien Ranch.  Eerie dawn with dark clouds and a big wind to fan the flames, cowtrails corralled half the fire in short feed.  CalFire crews, helicopter and DC 9 kept the loss to 15 acres. Crazy weather: 116° at 4:00 p.m.

8 responses to “Heat

  1. M Timothy Nolting

    Hurtin’ for you John.. not lookin’ good.

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  2. The West’s heat and drought spill onto Northern Plains. SD 95% in drought, reservoirs spring inputs extremely low.


  3. So glad it wasn’t any worse John. This is going to be a crazy fire season. Hope you are staying cool in the stock tank!!

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  4. John thinking of you and all ranchers in this drought. Just came back fro Eastern NM and bad there too, hailing feed and water.

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  5. And floods in the SE. If we could only put it where we want/need it.

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  6. Blue Oak skeletons tell the long term story.

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  7. Patrick Sullivan

    All the best John. Y’all are in my prayers this hot summer.


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