The mountains 'round here look like a woman
                                    lying naked on a bed
                                                - Dave Alvin (“Out in California”)
Little wonder, the earth is female—
the moon, a golden amulet
rising from her breast, her feet at rest
with the slope of Sulphur peak
as her long dark hair 
forever streams into the creek.
Apart from men, 
native women gathered here
beneath her supine silhouette
made sacred by the moon
to be a healing place 
each time she took a breath.
She shares her dreams:
comfort and lasting peace
beyond the ever-escalating
chaos and confusion
that rattles impatient minds
like a gourd full of seeds.

5 responses to “SHE SLEEPS IN SILENCE

  1. This is a particularly splendid and graceful poem, John. Sending you and Robin great affection and hopes for a soon time when we are can all sigh together in celebration that we made it through and can have a drink together, face to face, again.

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  2. Beautiful poem John.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful! I hope all can “see” this poem.


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