Thin starts lay limp 
as green fades to gray
amid the brittle stalks 
of short-cropped dry
the cows have missed
as I open the gate
ahead of several storms
to search for Live Oak—
stove wood heat 
with little ash
prostrate since 
the 4-year drought
branded in my mind—
decomposing now
before my eyes.
Limbs ache with years
bent to this ground
chasing seasons of grass,
but red skies at dawn
reawakens the flesh.

3 responses to “RED SKIES AT DAWN

  1. Beautiful skies, much like we saw when we lived in the Paulina, Oregon area. All are to be treasured! We hope some of the storms we see on radar are providing much needed grass for your livestock. Rich & Shelby/Seven H Cattle Company


  2. With the inconsistency of rain, isn’t it an amazing creation of the seed bank?

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    • I am continually amazed, especially during these drought years, by the apparent size/amount of our seed bank, many times greater than necessary to produce a crop of grass. In 1978, we had solid golden poppies on our hillsides, more than a 100 year-old resident ever remembered, some of those seeds stored decades before germinating. The season before was a severe drought where cattle were licking seed out of the dirt to survive, and they survived pretty well under the circumstances. Evolution of this ground and what it naturally produces has made it resilient. Truly amazing, Richard.


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