Small promise in the dawn’s empty clouds,
more spiritual than stormy or wet,
forecast moisture shrinks the closer we get
to one more year of praying through a drought—
another season of small marvels and miracles
where epiphanies and wonders rise
from this thirsty earth before our eyes
to ease each day’s concerns for survival.
We are so blessed with these wild diversions
from ample grass and fat cattle
that we begin to think that dry is normal
and greet the New Year with resolution.

4 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. And may your resolution be rewarded, John. Happy, blessed 2021.


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  2. Laurie and Greg

    Deep thanks, John and Robbin, for another year of DCJ. Wonderful words and fine photos week after week, despite drought, dust, heat, smoke, and even the rare cold downpour, keep us nourished and grounded and at peace with the knowledge that the mountains and the seasons, the sun and the stars, will outlast us all. May 2021 be a much happier, healthier, and saner New Year for everyone on our beleaguered planet. Maybe it’s not too late yet!

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    • Yes. We are facing a great unknown with uncontrollable variables of weather, politics and Covid-19, then add a down market for our beef, it will require great resolve to survive it all. Life as we have known it will never be the same. But by example, our solid Sierra Nevada has endured, as has the earth beneath our feet. Our short occupation on this planet spinning in space makes us each inconsequential. The real job will be be holding to the truths we know as we get beyond these obstacles for humanity and ourselves. Thanks for following along and let’s work towards a happier New Year.


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