She didn’t stay long
or leave much in the way
of puddles,

her fine gray mist
to brighten green,
settle dust

and relieve the pain
of waiting
for a well-begged rain—

a sniff and taste
to lure us closer
toward our reward

like this cold dawn’s
chimney smoke,
flat to the ground,

drawn up-canyon
following her
discarded clouds.


     February 23, 2020

4 responses to “REPRIEVE

  1. I now have the just-wet smell in my mind if not actually in my nostrils. 🙂


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  2. Janice Gilbertson

    How I wish she would gather herself back up and head our way.

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  3. We have just had some longed-for rain at the end of a drought. Love your poem

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  4. Very nice, John. It lightens the fear or drought rearing its ugly head. Forgotten for a short while.

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