It was always so easy to find an unhappy woman
                           Till I started looking for mine.

                                  – Moe Bandy (“It was Always So Easy”)

Young buck with broken horn
on the scent of an acorn-fat doe
and her two blue yearlings
slipped from the bunch
while the boss was busy—

the urgency and wild design
of “cheatin’ songs” plays before me,
lyrics shuffled and embellished
to fit the dim barroom lights
of my imagination

steals my senses away
from the most recent
political intrigue searching
for music—for a tune that might
sell millions on the truth.



8 responses to “SONGWRITER

  1. M Timothy Nolting

    hope that tune can be found… soon!

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  2. How have we gotten to the place that the truth has no home , that instead we have to find a tune to sell it ? What kind of cheating is that?

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    • Lots of talk about the truth, Julie, yet little in evidence. None of us knows how this will shake out, but let’s hope the politicians will hear the music.


  3. Does the truth longer even visit the hallowed halls?

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  4. I;m so happy you share with us. No matter the politics we all should live with care for each other.

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