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Laugh when you can—
there are enough unfunny days.

Let irony dance nakedly,
                 hand in hand
                 with the unspoken,
                 mundane truths
                 that squirm
beneath the flesh of humans
dying for confirmation.

We have become too serious
for our own good—
                 too holy,
                 too righteous
to be believed as real
representations of this nation
wrought from imperfect men,
and women, trying to forget
their sins—and I among them.

Let the wild calculations
of hawk and coyote confirm
                 our impetuous natures
                 to gain a better sense
                 of humor—
of who we truly are.


(click image to enlarge July 2012 photo of Cooper’s Hawk)


4 responses to “WILD REFLECTIONS

  1. Thanks for that one…. Read my mind

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  2. Spot On

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  3. Time to take a look and a laugh. Time to turn off CNN! Thanks!!

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