Creek Fire Photos: Burn Area, Phos-chek, Hand Crews, Hose Lays


Click photos to enlarge.



Double click to see CalFire personnel in upper left hand corner. 1 mile hose lay.




7:00 p.m.: 756 acres, 80% contained


4 responses to “Creek Fire Photos: Burn Area, Phos-chek, Hand Crews, Hose Lays

  1. I am so glad you and Robbin are OK. Looks like you are being well taken care of. Did you lose all the Blue Oaks?

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    • Thanks, Heather. This fire cleaned-up dead Blue Oaks as a result of the 2012-16 drought. Most of what green trees you see in the photos are Blue Oaks. I suspect their lower limbs will turn brown from the heat in a few days, but I doubt we lost any due to the fire.


  2. Looks and sounds like a good outcome from what could have been quite bad.


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    • Absolutely, Janet. I was leading the 1st dozer to the head of the fire just before dark, a race until the DC 10 dumped a load of phos-chek just ahead of us. Otherwise it could have been several thousand acres.

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