Creek Fire: Mid-day Update


Air support concentrating in the canyon across from the house, in the form of a turbo-prop tanker and helicopter, returned mid-day as winds picked up. Obvious concern was burning parts of Blue Oaks rolling down the north slope to the bottom of the canyon and igniting dry feed on the opposing south slope. More paint was laid at the bottom of the south slope while the helicopter dumped water on dead Blue Oaks that remained burning.

The real heroes are the many hand crews who have encompassed the burn with a 4-6 foot space cleared manually. Though there are 3 dozers still on the scene, they are limited to existing roads due to our mostly inaccessible terrain.

Meanwhile, we’re staying out of their way.


4 responses to “Creek Fire: Mid-day Update

  1. Fire both good and bad but must keep you uneasy and on guard

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  2. We grew up with the constant threat of fire, and quakes, in SoCal. All that experience doesn’t seem to have helped me much. I still worry about the damn things and there’s no prospect of it getting better as long as . . . well, I’ll drop it. Meantime, stay safe.

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  3. I hope things are settling down there. Please take care.

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