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We processed a nice bunch of steer and heifer calves this morning that averaged 700 lbs. yesterday after hauling them from the Paregien Ranch. The steers will probably weigh in the 750 lbs. range, the heifers lighter. Today’s market wants calves in the 650 lbs. range to turn out on Mid-West grass, and pays less/pound for the heavier cattle, essentially giving away the extra pounds of beef we’ve worked to produce over the years. But nothing stays the same.

Despite market conditions, the good news is that there are many very nice replacement heifers in this bunch. Robbin and I maintain that we’re raising cows and that the steer calves help pay the bills.


3 responses to “Rest of the Story

  1. Your ruminations make me wish I’d paid closer attention to my Grandpa and Uncle’s ranch business, but I was too busy planning my escape.

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    • Likewise, but my escape led me to the business school at USC on a 2S deferment, then I failed my physical in 1970. After 4 years in L.A. and the prevailing ethic in the business school, I wanted home, badly. I’m afraid that the cow/calf business has changed so much that the generation before us would be scratching their heads today.


      • I believe you are right. My Cousin Dan is still struggling make a solid go of it. He attended HSU to be a forester. After graduation he found himself stuck behind a desk and hated it. Failing at something you love is far better than succeeding at a thing that drains one’s soul.

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