Clover or Two-flowered Pea



The cattle are really enjoying this new greenery that has come as a result of the late May rains. Unable to identify from the Calflora website, but looks a lot like the Two-flowered Pea that is limited to Humboldt County, rare and endangered, so I suspect it’s not. Three leaves like clover and a clover-like flower that I don’t remember seeing before.


3 responses to “Clover or Two-flowered Pea

  1. I forwarded your photo to my grad school office mate, Dr. David Graber, who lives up the hill from you in Three Rivers. He might know whatcha got there. I’ll let you know.


  2. certainly a pea-flower of some sort


  3. Thank you FB: California Native Plant Society: Acmispon Americanus or American bird’s-foot trefoil.


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