May Rains



Noteworthy are the nine days of measurable rainfall in May, over 2 inches
here on Dry Creek. Typically, we don’t get any rain in May, but when we do it’s usually limited to the first week. Our series of storms this year have been the predecessors of the nasty weather that has plagued the mid-West and the rest of the nation.

Our rainfall total for the season is just under 21 inches to date. Our average for the past fourteen years here is 16.22″. Interestingly, we’ve received over 20 inches in five of the last fourteen years including this 2018-19 season.

What’s it all mean? Places on the hillsides and in the flats are turning green.  Quite a trick for annual grasses, one I’ve never seen before.


10 responses to “May Rains

  1. Yesterday afternoon nearly an inch of rain fell in an hour on the exurbs of Springville , spiked by a low rent , wanna be tornado preceded by all phones blasting a tornado watch. No one hurt; minimal damage; very scary. What to make of this?

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  2. Very unusual and an interesting dilemma for the “Golden State” to return to Green.

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  3. Sorting out the oaks, making room for new growth? Bump crop all quail, turkeys and acorns coming?

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    • Few quail left after last year’s huge population, succumbing to disease I suspect. No hunting, too much inter-breeding. The turkey population is exploding. Who knows what’s coming next?


  4. things sure are changing

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    • I’m not one to holler ‘climate change’, but our weather here has become more volatile and extreme for the past decade or so. Not confident we can stem the tide, we’ll have to adapt–think outside the box.

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  5. Your thinking will evolve as it ever has. Starting with the broad spectrum of possibilities then responding to the hand you’re dealt.


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