Range Magazine, Summer 2019


Carolyn Duferrena Photo

Robbin and I had a delightful visit with Carolyn Dufurrena here on the ranch last August where she interviewed me for this article in Range Magazine,
“Bard of the Southern Sierra”.
My thanks to C. J. Hadley for her continuing support of the people, the lands and the wildlife of the West—
“The Cowboy Spirit on America’s Outback”.


5 responses to “Range Magazine, Summer 2019

  1. “That Elderberry stopped a lot of development”
    “I have it on good authority that nobody has seen a valley Elderberry Long Horn Beetle. Ever.”
    “You gotta love California.”
    If that beetle stopped development in those hills? Yep, you do gotta love Caifornia. Probably saved a lot of houses from burning up


  2. First thought upon seeing your picture… that’s Maynard Dixon !

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  3. That was a great piece. Thank you for weaving together the fragments we had of your history. Turns out to be a wonderful tapestry.


  4. Great article! ….. and I note the beetle has been de-listed…….


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