I don’t expect to see
in the same way now
and I’m not the wise
old man I wanted to be—

after all, this new ground
hasn’t changed much,
the rain still drains
down the same canyons

in my brain, a ruffled
landscape come alive
in my skull that I must
work around, it seems.


4 responses to “LANDSCAPES

  1. Under the heading: “Ask Mr. Cowboy Poet”
    Another old skull wonders: is it a ruffled cape over the lands, or ruffled lands under a cape? (Okay, they’re taking me back to my “quiet place” now.)


    • I think that’s a fair question. I liked the sound of ‘ruffled’ while hurrying to help the neighbors brand this a.m., but also I don’t see things as clearly as I used to, hence ‘ruffled’.


  2. Here’s a laugh for you: Read “ruffled” to mean convolutions of the brain……….I thought you were writing something very dark indeed. I am so glad to be wrong!


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