Early Spring Cleaning



Between rains when we couldn’t go anywhere on the ranch, we began extricating boxes of books from the house that have been published by Dry Crik Press since 1989, including every issue of Dry Crik Review. Boxes were stashed throughout the house, office and attic that we sorted into plastic containers, now half-a-pallet in the shop—the first time that Dry Crik’s offerings have been in one spot.

Certainly not a job I relished, Robbin decided to replace the carpet in the living and dining rooms while Bob and I are in Elko. Once we started clearing the floor space, we found box after box of books that had to be dealt with. All of the Dry Crik Review issues, and Dry Crik Press publications prior to 2008, were printed in Craig Lindeman’s garage in Visalia. Craig collected leftover paper from the other print shops, and sympathetic to the cause, didn’t charge much for his work.

The books and memories were overwhelming.


4 responses to “Early Spring Cleaning

  1. Robbin’s not coming????????? Boo Hoo… she will be SO missed. x, L



  2. What you have there are collector’s items. Since moving to a one-room condo, I am forever organizing, reorganizing and throwing things away or donating and I am so sorry that most of it is gone!!


  3. John, I’m not sure if this is a good way to reach you or not. I guess, if not, I may never know. I was a subscriber a long time ago to the DC Review and enjoyed the work very much. I kept meaning to submit but the print edition ended before I got it done and I’m not sure my stuff would have fit that well anyway. All this time later I find myself on the board of directors of the Austin (Texas) International Poetry Festival having participated for about 20 years. We used to have a small contingent of cowboy poets who attended but it has dropped off in recent years. In order to try to raise some interest in the genre we’re giving it some special attention this coming April. We will have a workshop or two, some music and some readings. A couple of other board members, Connie Williams and Neil Meili are ramrodding the deal and we have John Levacy doing the workshops and Steve Brooks for some music. We’re hoping to interest others to register and attend this year. Personally, I’m hoping that all the attendees will participate for the whole weekend, experience a wide variety of types of writing and get to know some poets they haven’t heard before. There will be a couple of hundred poets from all over the country and a few from other countries (not as many as before travel got more difficult and expensive) from April 4th through the 7th with a variety of workshops, scheduled readings, and open mics (including one all-nighter.) One thing that might not be obvious on the website is that this is an un-juried festival. That is to say, every registrant is given at least one reading slot of about ten minutes in a scheduled reading. There are, as I mentioned, also a number of open mic opportunities to read.

    I’m telling you all of this in hopes that you might find it possible to mention it to some of the folks that follow you. Of course, I’d love to meet you, too, if you’re interested. You can find the website and more information at http://www.aipf.org.If you have any questions, I’d be happy to try to answer them. Best Wishes,

    Del Caindel.cain@sbcglobal.net817 521 8653


  4. Well. I see that I got my info fouled trying to leave my email address, let me try again.


    I don’t mind sharing it with anyone interested in poetry.


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