My Happy Birthday Song



From a generation that didn’t trust anyone over thirty, a reckless time during the Viet Nam War when few of us envisioned achieving thirty years, seventy is indeed an invigorating landmark, an open gate to new opportunities to make the most of life. I was pleasantly astounded when I received this audio file yesterday morning from our dear friends David Wilke and Denise Withnell, whom we will see in San Francisco to watch the Giants play the Dodgers at AT&T Park on Sunday as we celebrate Dave’s 70th as well.


A storm off the Hawaiian Islands has arrived in the Bay Area as it edges south with a half-inch predicted here for tomorrow. With grass high, calves growing, rain coming, we leave the ranch in good hands.


6 responses to “My Happy Birthday Song

  1. Happy Birthday!
    Those days of Vietnam, protests, Woodstock and flower children seems like another lifetime ago!!

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  2. Now those are some great lyrics! Happy Birthday, John. Wishing you many more years of writin’ and ranchin’.

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  3. Love it! The song, the rain and your approach to 70. Keep on celebrating!

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  4. Happy birthday John! And I’m saving this so I can play it on my 70th! In about 5 weeks!

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  5. Heather Hafleigh

    What a great song. Happy bday John. I am in the 70 club. Wish I could see all you guys. I was at the game today. WOW. Have fun and lots of love to all four of you. HH

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    • Because yesterday’s game was delayed and no network space was allocated for 14 innings, we missed McCutcheon’s homer. Now that was something for SF to build on. Love & kisses from the 4 of us.


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