Easter 2018



Six bunnies in the driveway as the grandkids and I fed the horses yesterday morning, drab Cottontails, but appropriate symbolism that drew excited squeals, yet underscored with knowing looks about the validity of the Easter Bunny. It was a messy feeding, half the flakes never made the manger, each child covered with alfalfa leaf, but the horses didn’t seem to mind the little strangers. In the Kubota, we prolonged the chore by naming the birds we saw, a covey of quail, a dove pair, a lone killdeer and blackbirds grazing the short-cropped green in the horse pasture.

Hoping to expose them to more wildlife, we took the crew to the corrals in Greasy that we just finished constructing, a project that Earl McKee began a decade or more ago. Even though we kept two of the three board pens intact, the interface with pipe required removing some posts and boards and losing an occasional thirty-penny nail. Each kid got a coffee can and the hunt was on for nails worth two-bits a piece, a practice run for plastic eggs filled with sweet surprises that my daughter was hiding in the dark as I went to bed. HAPPY EASTER!


2 responses to “Easter 2018

  1. Denise Withnell

    Aww….what a great post John! I felt like I was back there on your beautiful place. I’ll bet it renews your faith in humanity to see the wide-eyed wonder in those kids. We had the grandkids here a few days before Easter – always fun and although they are wise to the Easter bunny, I’m sure they will never tire of the chocolate, ha ha! Or the fire pit. Thanks to them, we got the campfire going a few weeks earlier than we might have and enjoyed hotdogs, marshmallows and s’mores on a Wednesday night. Happy Easter to you and Robbin!


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