Living on the road my friend,
                             Is gonna keep you free and clean

                                           Townes Van Zandt (“Poncho and Lefty”)

Early morning south of Bishop,
US 395 at seventy, murders
of crows or ravens like old men

gathered at the coffee shop
lift from a smear of hair
imbedded in the asphalt.

                  How the jack rabbit
                  laid his ears back,
                  found another gear!

The early birds get the night kill
living on and off the road.
O’ Darwin, how could you know?


4 responses to “CROWS OR RAVENS

  1. I like the humour in this one, John. And of course the crows.

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  2. Denise Withnell

    John, what a wonderful poem – and photo. The photo is great in black and white on the cover of “Homemaking,” but it’s REALLY great in colour.
    PS Below “LEAVE A REPLY” it asks for a Website. And it’s telling me that is not a valid URL. HMPH!

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  3. Love you Canadians, love your sense of humor.

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  4. In a wierd way that is TVS country – tortured, lonely, brilliant.

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