Beyond cell phone tethers
to the urgencies below,
we float beneath the clouds

with cattle in patched pens,
with the skeletons of oaks
stealing one last look

at old ways remembering
Effie Hilliard’s white horse
leading cows and calves,

her coywolves trailing,
through the gate to be
branded in these corrals.

A world above
she rode alone to leave
her ghost at peace.


6 responses to “EFFIE HILLIARD’S GHOST

  1. Lenore Brashear

    Effie sounds very interesting. I am hooked!!! Tell us a bit more about her, her white horse and, what are coywolves?

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    • Her exact history here is sketchy for me, but my father and others had stories I remember. A very independent, self-sufficient and opinionated woman, she ran cows on what we refer to as the Paregien Ranch. I remember anecdotes of Effie correcting a comment about the coyotes that followed her a horseback, that they weren’t coyotes, but wolves. I suspect they were the hybrid coywolf.


  2. She was really a unique character, John. My step-dad, Ord Loverin who was a contemporary, always referred to her as “Goose-Neck”; not in her presence, of course! Years ago, my parents, EJ & myself spent an interesting Thanksgiving Dinner at the home of Dr. Phil Buckman; among the guests was Effie and she kept all of us in line! Ord & John had many funny stories to tell about her and historian Joe Doctor wrote about her in his many columns. Although she lived a very long life, she never really recovered emotionally from the fire that destroyed her lovely old home. I believe she blamed herself for its destruction. Thanks for bringing memories of her, John!

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  3. Excellent. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Thank you all for the stories of Effie that were inspired by your tribute, John. First hand stories that should not be forgotten…


  5. My goodness friend John!! Your verses here gave me chills up my spine!

    Thank you!



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