One of these days
I’ll return as a dog
to an impatient man
like me, my just reward.

Cowdog, instead of poodle,
if I get to choose—
no inside gig,
no sidewalks,
I have my standards.
Days of adventure
with a partner
like me to help
defy the odds,
the ins and bys,
the runaways
with a grin.

Outside the corral,
I’ll know my place,
let the action be
my live entertainment.


6 responses to “BETWEEN THE BOARDS

  1. Love this. Full of projection and whim!!

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  2. Good, that’s what it’s all about!


  3. Doggone, I love a good dog poem! Mary Oliver has a whole book of them. And have you seen Billy Collins’ Ted Talk of two of his dog poems?

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    • Thank you, Susanne, for the entertaining link! A not so subtle advertising gimmick, our general relationship with dogs nowadays is interesting, speaking much more about us than them, I think… of something missing, of clothes to wear.

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