We chase seasons in circles
of the sun—hot, cold, wet, dry—
await instruction of the senses

looking for a sign, for a reason
other than the comfort
of familiar trails loaded

with surprises and dashed hopes
that wire will hold a ranch
together, deter the nature of bulls

looking for work or a fight. It’s easy
to forget our differences, see
ourselves somewhere in the herd

looking out at the world
through another set of eyes—
of rocks and trees,

domestic and wild. And after
chasing seasons for awhile,
we begin to think like them.


7 responses to “ANTHROPOMORPHISM

  1. Wow! Thank you….your poems get better and better.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the line, ‘…that wire will hold a ranch together…’ So much said in so few words.


  3. Me, too. I think this is why I struck home with me. Thank you.


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