It feels like it should rain
upon dry feed, golden
this autumn evening,

long hair combed
on the gusty breath of breezes,
hillsides palomino.

All colors brighten
between dark shadows.
We have seen the worst

and endured it:
100 days of 100 degrees,
a four-year drought

and too much rain,
three hurricanes
and the deranged.

The sun retreats
as always, yet
nothing stays the same.


4 responses to “NORTH OF LAS VEGAS

  1. I like your picture. Interesting re-handled maul near your chopping stump… much like Gary Snyder’s Axe Handles.

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  2. Lenore Brashear

    Maybe the Las Vegas Gunman was protesting Country/Western Music! If so what might his thoughts have been on Cowboy Poetry? We will never know. but we know we like it!!!!!


  3. Well done. I like the span of events and time.


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