@ 70, you try
to save steps, weigh
pick ups and deliveries
against carrying capacity
and memory hoping
not to forget
the grand plan
along the way—only
to find repetition
a good mental and physical
exercise in reality,
like it or not.

Shuffling his Florsheim wingtips
towards the hospital doors,
my father quipped, “A man has to
               get used to being
               not first in line.”

Change has not run off
and left us without humor,
without our backwards perspective
and subsequent syntax,
but thinking too far ahead
to save time, to insure
efficiency, we may miss
the moments we have
chosen to live for.


2 responses to “EFFICIENCY

  1. All day these words will echo in my head – “try not to miss the moments I’ve chosen to live for…”

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  2. I am just happy to be in line. Being first is not all it is cracked up to be…(Good poem.)

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