So Far, So Good



Last Friday, I underwent knee replacement surgery. I was able to walk with a walker by Saturday. Rehabilitation will undoubtedly be slow and posts to the blog may be less frequent.


15 responses to “So Far, So Good


    Here is to a speedy recovery my friend. Read your last book for the lthird time. Good stuff. Bill

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  2. Wishing you a quick and problem-free recovery, John!

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  3. Hope you get your giddy-up back quick. Take care, John.

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  4. Looking good, John!!

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  5. That couch looks mighty comfy, John, and it looks as if you’ve got a tall cool one handy, along with the remote, so you appear to be as well fixed as possible to get through this. Hope the new knee works great. Good luck with rehab!

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  6. Hope all goes well and quickly in the healing process, John. My husband had a hip replacement a number of years ago and loved the results.


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  7. Virginia McKee

    We wish you a speedy recovery!!

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  8. Must have had different surgeons. Mine still hurts. Speedy recovery.


  9. I wish you to have a quick recovery John! – H.J. 🙂


  10. Continued success with your recovery.


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