First cup of coffee
and Nicorette gum rush
to startle the senses
still slumbering
in the shadows of dawn.

The slow retreat of dreams
replayed on hillsides,
circumstances stashed
among others
in the rocks and crevices,

deep within hidden canyons
worn by centuries of rain,
for safekeeping—
unforgiving places
you may not want to ride,

reserved spaces
collecting wild regrets
with reveries—
first drafts
of uncompleted poetry.


4 responses to “AWAKENING

  1. I liked it, but the mention of chewing Nicorette gum put a bad taste in my mouth. 🙂

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  2. Lenore Brashear

    Yeah! The gum kind of got me. The rest is very like the early morning.
    Of course I gave up smoking more than 50 years ago when pregnant with my first child.


  3. I can relate and hope the suffering ends soon.

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