Lost in a thatch of brittle stems,
foxtails and grasses ripe
with seed, we are not extinct

despite extremes: grazing hoofs
and rising floods of rain—
the four-year drought

before they finally came
and all the honest mistakes
the ignorant have made.

We are tough and may outlast
your conceit, your
Endangered Species List.



  1. I heard Haggard’s lyric from Big City – ” you can keep your retirement and your so called Social Security” in the last line. Ben


    • Ah, Ben, I hear it now, perhaps I heard it this a.m. and didn’t know it. Thank you!

      Not a particularly ‘well-liked’ poem, but our presumptuousness as humans sometimes amuses me. I am pleased that we harbor a large population of Kaweah Brodiaea, once thought extinct in the 1920s, and that it has survived some pretty tough times without legal protection.

      I have been documenting its bloom each year as a matter of course.


  2. Time to de-list?


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