there’s a bluebird in my heart that
                     wants to get out

                         – Charles Bukowski (“Bluebird”)

Leapfrogging fence posts
along a pasture road
just ahead of me

is commonplace, just
out of reach—a game
passing for fun—

and I am blessed
by the flitting iridescence
of another spring.

Closer now,
a pair is nesting
just out of reach.


2 responses to “BLUEBIRDS

  1. Lenore Brashear

    Beautiful!!! Bluebirds are truly a sign of Spring. We have a nest box but so far I have seen no birds checking out the real estate. It was 35 degrees here at 6:30 this morning. Burrrrrr, frost on the roofs.


  2. Fantastic shot with great colors. You couldn’t ask for better.


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