We’ve been sharing ranch life with our dear Canadian friends Denise Withnell and David Wilke from Cowboy Celtic for the past few days, exhausted as they head home to Victoria. Like kids, we’ve been having way too much fun while getting very little work done. Taking them on a tour of the Paregien ranch to put out salt and mineral while assessing the practicality of branding our bull calves, we found roads still too wet in places for a pickup or gooseneck.



With two saved from oak tree entanglements, they had to endure my rant about why mylar balloons ought to be illegal.



Thank you, dear friends for helping to prove that you’re never too old for a picnic.


5 responses to “Picnic

  1. Who doesn’t want to go on a picnic where there is food to eat? 😜

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  2. No one is ever too old for picnics!

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  3. Saint Paddy’s Day emerald green for sure!

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  4. Sounds like a great time.


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  5. Any excuse for a picnic is a good excuse.

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