Drying Out



With temperatures rising into the 70s, the ground is beginning to dry out in places, still boggy in others. The creek is down to 100 csf despite last weekend’s 0.75” rain and we were able to get the rest of our Wagyu X calves across the creek to brand. With Brent and Sid to augment our aging crew, we got the job done yesterday.

Until now, it’s been too wet to see the rest of our cattle in the hills. Robbin and I need to get around to see how big the bull calves have gotten and then decide whether to gather and work them or not. Considering the shock and recovery time as steers with only 60 days left of our grass season, it may be better to wean them early as bull calves. The steers will bring more money/lb., but the bulls this late in the season will weigh more. After four years of drought, we never imagined the problems of too much rain.


5 responses to “Drying Out

  1. I guess “It never rains, it pours” is literally appropriate here. 🙂 I’ll get to see how it looks, as I’m visiting our daughter in Pasadena soon and we’re also going go Yosemite. She said it’s really green and lush right now.



  2. What a dilemma. How do you decide? Assuming implants for both and wouldn’t make up for the difference?

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    • We never have employed hormone implants when the consumer is willing to pay more retail without them and when truck load lots usually sell for a dollar or two more/cwt. Even so, we’re too late in the grass season now to help much. Robbin and I are headed up the hill to assess the bull calves next week and go from there.


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