Fuzzy hillsides float
upside down since the drought,
since the dry and dusty waterholes

overflowed with more rain
than we dared pray—as if
the machinery of the gods

locked long before
the celestial mechanics came
to break the cogs loose.

It is a wonder how
these miracles and mistakes
seem upon reflection.



  1. That is so gorgeous!

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  2. What would Daniel Swain say about miracles and mistakes? I am watching for his justification and clarification why so much rain has fallen this season, leaning to miracles and mistakes myself.

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  3. Well,, it was a miracle that we received rain and a mistake to give us so much at once. Oh, that we could have a faucet we could control!!!
    Think I will be a “rain bird” and go to Arizona in the winter.

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  4. As wonderful as the photo is, it would be the a most exquisite July/Aug shot ever.

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