Always looking down
on the road, on the creek,
all my life measuring

the downstream flow
of morning traffic—counting
cattle, birds and coyotes—

it draws the eye to vast
diversities of purpose
beyond the moment,

twigs and branches
etched into the sky
begging a longer look.


5 responses to “BLUE OAK

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    Welcome another ‘counter’: I’ve been one my entire life . . . as for such oaks, I’ve spent hours behind a buzz`saw cutting such wood up for the winter. Sweet smell when it burns slow . . . Thanks!

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    • Going down the road towards town, the tree seldom escapes my sight, yet I never have the time to drink it in. I’m sure others on the road have had the same experience. In the pasture with my camera, it tapped me on the shoulder. I had time.


  2. Describes the two Blue Oaks in the front of my house exactly. Lovely!! This morning they sheltered the Iris and Daffodils from the snow that fell last night. Not much, but 29 degrees when I went out to walk the dog. Where did it come from? The sky was clear when I went to bed and clear this morning. Neferious goings on in the middle of the night!!!

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  3. In our younger days we might have climbed that tree to get a better look at what it sees.


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