So magic a time it was that I was both brave and afraid.
                                        Some day like this might save the world.

                                             – William Stafford (“Malheur Before Dawn”)

Following another inch of rain, snow-white cumulus
float blue at dusk, take the shape of swans and dragons
trailing to join the thunderheads stacked in the mountains
darkening. The gods have swept these hills an iridescent green,
flushed the draws and creeks of loose debris and on their breath
stirred the air with blinding clarity. As the sun falls behind
clouds and ridge, this part of the world scanned by rising shadows
is fresh and clean as a Canyon Wren’s whistling. With fires blazing
western skies, sailor and shepherd survivors rest easy, yet
tremble to embrace the color of Armegeddon in their dreams.


6 responses to “AFTER A STORM

  1. Well, it’s 5:30 am and all is black and raining outside. Where are the lights? Isn’t anyone going to work in the rain? Then I remembered, it’s President’s Day, a holiday
    Dog finished his pee, ran for the dry house in the rain. What will our new President present us with today, as we remember the ones who went before him. Armegeddon may come. In the meantime we can enjoy the sky in all it’s glory and poems like yours. .

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    • Along with the weather’s frustrations, not a calf branded yet, it’s been utterly amazing, this shift of extremes from the worst drought into 90-100 days of ‘on-a-week, off-a-week’ rains, the ground gorged and leaking streams in every low-spot… proving: anything can happen, anytime, anywhere She wants. Thanks for following and for your comments.


  2. Peter Notehelfer

    Splendid photograph, Splendid verse . . . Very well done!

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  3. Both beautiful. Graphic words to match majestic scene.


  4. Very nice.
    Remember when President’s Day was 2 holidays? Washingtons and Lincolns, (my dad’s birthday also, 2-12-12)


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