The old Fox theater, stars
blinking high above the balcony,
Tarzan swinging from a grapevine

for a dime when we were small—
but now, I want to slow the movie down
to a crawl, freeze the frame and rest,

digest the shit-rain of hearsay,
let the cloudy water settle to see
that my rippling reflection is more real

than what the screen is offering.
We are old children watching
an older script unfold, a motley cast

of bad actors vying for the lead.
But there is no holding the planet in place
just to wait for me.


3 responses to “FREEZING TIME

  1. I can remember when the Saturday movies were 5 cents or 5 pounds of saved paper for the war effort. (WW II) Even though we were at war things seemed simpler then. Perhaps not to my parents but to me as a child.
    Your poems always hit their mark. Thanks for the expression of what we may have difficulty expressing for ourselves.
    You know the old advertising saying: Bad publicity is better than no publicity.

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  2. Well said. The photo fits the mood.

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  3. I have faith that as a pebble thrown in a pond disperses separated rings, it will once again become one, clear, and united.

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