A mind like compost.
                                             – Gary Snyder (“On Top”)

All the deep stuff
against the decomposing
granite, the rock beneath

a jillion moons of dirt,
of marginal soil—
our slanted earth

beneath the upright grass,
beneath the wildflowers,
beneath our feet

and hooves, horses,
cattle grazing—all
the deep stuff leaks

gently to the surface,
out from under
saturated ground

as if a cleansing,
as if a new recipe
in rivulets spreading

fundamental elements
into muddy creeks

to settle and collect
behind the structures
of dead architects.


6 responses to “THE TROUBLE WITH DAMS

  1. Nice poem..and Calf showed us the trouble with dams

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  2. The main problem is not the dams themselves. It is the “dead architects” some still alive, that devise the dams, maintain (or not) these dams.
    Where do our tax $ go. To a bullet train probably few will use?

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  3. If God had only done it right in the first place, man wouldn’t have to interfere?

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    • Prior to the spillway enlargement of Terminus Dam that increased its capacity by 1/3 to 185,600 af, roughly 10% of its capacity had been impacted by silt and sediment in its first 25 years, reducing its flood control effectiveness and irrigation storage. Most dams on the west slope of the Sierras have been in place for nearly 60 years. Though controlling damage to downstream urban and agricultural interests, interruption of the fluvial process in that time frame has substantially lowered the water table in the Kaweah River Delta and elsewhere in the Tulare Basin.


  4. Richard: God, if there is such, did do it right. He just miscalculated the efforts of his man creation to get in the way of his work. We are the ones that “screw up”


  5. My point exactly. Hence the “?”. And yes Virginia, there is a God. HE has proven it to me innumerable times.


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