Where the inversion layer dissipates into crystal mist at dawn,
pixies rise in the canyon, float towards the light, or so it seems
for fleeting instants sparkling in the haze of fog lifting—

the dread of the San Joaquin cloaking lowlands, where dark-gray
silhouettes of cattails once encircled swamps now drained
with ditches to furrows, gravity flow—with just a little rain.

Come awake blinking, heart and mind flicker together
within this ascension beyond the flesh to pagan possibilities
fit for the earth-bound, praying always for something fresh.

Almighty God is too busy with too many and too much
nowadays, not to let the ancient surrogates work the wild
and open territories to tame the natives with a little magic.



  1. Lovely image, John. Your narrative is so descriptive and magical.

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  2. That’s wonderful!

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  3. Just enjoying a wallow in your lovely words this morning, John, although I don’t think the Almighty is ever too busy, thankfully. 🙂


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    • I’ve often thought for years that God has had his hands full with those who can’t take care of themselves, who know no better, and the notion has sort of stuck–a rationalization, I suppose, for more self-reliance. Glad you found the wallow here enjoyable. Thanks so much for comment, Janet.


  4. I can’t help but wonder if the drought is part of God’s plan to send Corp Ag on it’s way and give the valley back to those that really care for the land

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    • We know that much of Corporate Ag’s involvement here is about accounting. We’ve seen them come and go unprofitable over the years. You’re right about the drought, about the lack of water, a wake-up call for us all with more real expenses than anyone needs for a write-off.


  5. Peter Notehelfer

    The magic is all in your mind; and even there it is a gift of God’s grace . . . Why else would we have been given imagination?

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