I found a little patch of these interesting wildflowers on a well-traveled, sandy bank of Dry Creek in mid-April 2016. At first I thought they were Pygmy Poppies, but they may not be poppies at all.


Flower Friday


5 responses to “Nameless

  1. They’re lovely, whatever they are.



  2. The leaves don’t look like normal poppy leaves. Could maybe watch and see if the develop typical poppy seed pods.
    It does look a bit like
    Common name: Pale-yellow sun cup
    Latin name: Camissonia pallida
    Family: ONAGRACEAE
    Description: Petals 2–13 mm, yellow fading reddish, bases with 1–3 red dots. Annual, rosetted, grayish, with dense stiff, straight sharp hairs. Stem lies mostly on the ground but with tips curving up.

    I think it is a Sierra Suncup or Kern county evening primrose,
    Kern sun cup

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  3. Sweet and delicate … a masterpiece from Mother Nature.
    Isadora 😎


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