O wonder!
                              How many goodly creature are there here!
                              How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
                              That has such people in’t.

                                     – William Shakespeare (“The Tempest”)

I am too old to vote
for the least offensive—
too old to believe
raucous rhetoric,
philosophies that fan
the flames of fear
to obtain heaven
early on this earth.

I have seen enough
bigotry and greed
squirming beneath the raiment
of righteousness—
that need evil foes to exist,
when war is peace.

All the good in this world
is not for sale, cannot be carved
from the heart of humanity,
or extinguished by authority—
it casts no vote but to survive
our nasty campaigns and elections.


11 responses to “TOO OLD TO VOTE

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    You put my thoughts into verse so precisely . . . Thank you!

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  2. If one believes the campaigns, you’d think no goodness remains in mankind.

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  3. Oh, John…I’ve love to be able to post this. But know that would lend itself to others stealing it. So, instead, I’ll post the journal’s website.

    It was so timely and perfect. lv, s

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  4. I knew you had a way with words John, but you really nail this one! Thank you!

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  5. Absolutely wonderful, John. The best analysis I’ve read!

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  6. I’m so tired of the lack of civility as well, which means you can’t even discuss opposing views with most people without being verbally abused.


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    • With all the emotion of a high school football game, we have been losing track of any semblance of political philosophies for the past two decades. When it’s all about winning, there’s nothing to discuss.


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