From a small puddle,
beyond too huge to compute
or be frightened by.


4 responses to “FROG’S WORLD

  1. Cute little fella!

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    • We have predominantly bullfrogs and tree frogs, but this year for whatever reasons, our pipeline was full of these guys that look like bullfrogs but are only 3 times the size of tree frogs, hopping everywhere in the pasture on the last irrigation. Because the line is off for 10 days at a time, I think the tadpoles matured in the pipeline’s standing water and were flushed out when I started the water. I’m afraid they didn’t last very long, fodder, I expect, for herons, egrets and crows.

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  2. Peter Notehelfer

    What fabulous colors in this shot! Remarkable their ability of change hues with the hours of the day . . .

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    • A relatively shallow and small puddle around an alfalfa valve, 4 foot diameter, in the early morning, sun from the upper left hand corner. I am learning that so much of color has to do with the time and the direction of the sunlight.

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