Sometimes they come to take a look,
glide in low with all their tools
from a bare oak branch to see just who

spoiled the plan to dine on squirrel
straying too far from its earthen burrow—
and perhaps too, to take a moment

to deliver their displeasure, face-to face,
eye-to-eye, to make sure you know
that you screwed up.


7 responses to “RED-TAIL TALK

  1. Love your interpretation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I believe it to be true. Small squirrel town in a patch of chinaberry trees, he had his eye on breakfast that we disturbed. He stopped us in our tracks.


  2. I do love hawks, John, although this gives me a slightly different perspective on them. 🙂



  3. My old and all-time fave, the red-tailed hawk. Makes me nostalgic for Kaweah Country.

    It occurs to me that it might just be taking a breather from the heat!


  4. Peter Notehelfer

    It’s a good thing we have someone up there looking to see we’re staying on the straight & narrow . . . Great bird for a great prompt!

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