Pelicans at Sunset




With processing the replacement heifers behind us, irrigation water off and the ranch in the capable hands of Terri Drewry Blanke and Allie Fry, Robbin and I slipped off to the 70° weather of Cambria for a couple of days. Mid-week on Moonstone Beach was relatively quiet, sparsely occupied for the most part by old people and their dogs with only a couple of gangs of unobtrusive city urchins learning a little about the beach and the unpredictable habits of waves.

It seems the only chance I get to read much beyond a long poem is when we get away from home. Though I’d seen the movie “Cold Mountain” years back, I began the written version while were there, enthralled with Charles Frazier’s prosaic style, chuck-a-block full of similes and metaphor à la the vernacular of the Civil War period. I ought to finish the book this weekend and catch the movie one more time on HBO.

We also managed to over-satisfy our ambitious quest for of seafood that ought to last us for quite a while. We’re glad to be back home, rested and ready to get back into our ranch routines.


2 responses to “Pelicans at Sunset

  1. Curtis Knecht

    Beautiful sunset! Where are the pelicans? I love your posts, thanks so much.


    • Click the photo to enlarge it, again to enlarge it more. Pelicans to the left of the setting sun. Only after taking several stages of sunset, did I find the birds when I got home. Quite an anomaly for us to see the sun disappearing behind anything but a ridge.


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