Fences down, cattle wild,
my father warned, ‘Don’t
let the ranch run you—’

when it was like slaying
a dragon or stealing a ride
to dream of such control.

Armloads of cucumbers
like firewood to the kitchen
for pickling after boxes

of vegetables to give away
each morning, we could say
the same about your garden—

knowing that acreage
has nothing to do
with the life we choose.


4 responses to “STRIPED ARMENIANS

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    Is there anything really like a fresh vegetable right off the vine? Sunshine and water and they flourish . . .

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  2. ‘Don’t let the ranch run you—’ easy to say.
    With rain short, green grass a fleeting phenomena,
    fear of wells running dry.

    Fire stopped short, mowed a hundred foot around
    at times precariously on the edge
    doing everything I can to protect this ground
    as if it were my kid

    Although my saddle is harder,
    I can still throw a rope
    With Neighbors so great, the girls a blessing
    I swear, I will never give up hope

    Cross country hay,
    watching the local shipped far away…
    just what was it that dad used to say?

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