Who are these guys?




The size and behavior of a grackle working the shore of a stock water pond that is drying up.

4 responses to “Who are these guys?

  1. This post is not letting me enlarge and the “Comment and See all comments” is not there either. Had to click on “Who are these guys?” to get here.
    They look like birds that use my hummingbird feeders and the only ones I know that do that are Orioles. They just have a dull yellow and are perhaps female or juveniles. Could be Orchard Oriole, Bullucks or maybe Scotts.


  2. ww.laspilitas.com/images/grid24_3/10748/california-birds/blackbirds/oriole/bullucks-oriole/bullucks-oriole-1.jpg


    • WordPress has been giving me fits for over a month, I apologize.

      The photo was with my point and shoot, 30x cropped, so it probably can’t be enlarged much.

      These birds are much bigger than orioles. I have a photo of these two running a black grackle off, so similar in shape, size and behavior, I thought they were some kind of grackle, but I found nothing with white feathers in the middle of their tails.


  3. I thought the white was a reflection. So there is no pale yellow tinge?


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