Fire Season



About 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon, an arsonist started a grass fire about a quarter-mile north of the house, 110°. After calling CalFire, I got to the head of the fire with the skid steer as the first engine arrived.


Fortunately, the fire break we built in April kept the blaze along the road and off the hills, leaking only north and south. After unlocking the gate for the crew from Modoc County familiarizing themselves with the local terrain and responding to smoke, I returned south as Air Tac dumped Phoschex on both ends of the 3 acre blaze.

A wake-up call and good practice for us all as we enter fire season.


6 responses to “Fire Season

  1. So glad your forethought and spring work did the trick. Wondered what it was when the stream of fire trucks went screaming eastward on 198 in front of my (your dad’s) office. Fires are no fun at any time … only made all the more difficult when it’s 110 degrees!


  2. Pretty scary John. As I often say “The world doesn’t lack for morons” Hope the arsonist is found and prosecuted.

    Keep eyes peeled for BADGERS!!

    Best Gary Kunkel


  3. I will never understand people who do this sort of thing. Never.



  4. John and Robbin, I am so glad that this scary, scary situation had a safe ending. Definitely a wake up call for all of us. Take care.


  5. Blah…best of luck for the season ahead. Good job with this one.


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