Education was cheaper in the old days
when we memorized dates, declined verbs
and parsed sentences to pieces—

fell in and out of love like puppies
chasing the next pair of shoes
to try on, or not—that’s how we learned

about ourselves. All my teachers are gone,
or busy getting old, but their younger selves
reside in my brain, fuzzy faces reminding me

that honesty is terribly hard to come by.
Everything we need to know is almost free:
an easy payment plan as long as I remember.


5 responses to “TUITION

  1. I think lots of people now decline not only verbs, but grammar in general. 🙂 The educational system, especially at the federal level, is unwieldy and often unworkable. Glad I grew up in the days you mention!!



  2. Me? I’m busy getting old; but I remember the teachers, in school and out.

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  3. Peter Notehelfer

    A stimulating invitation to remember & celebrate our mentors along the way, and though it be posthumously offer them our thanks . . . A debt we should not avoid to pay!


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